• Core Faculty
    Jeremy Fullingim, D.O.; Pediatric Fellowship; Program Director
    Chris Vassiliou, D.O.; OSUMC Radiology Department Chair
    Hooby Yoon, D.O.; Body Fellowship
    Tim McCay, D.O.
    Dean Fullingim, D.O.; Nuclear Fellowship
    George Erbacher, D.O.; IR Fellowship
    John Walton, D.O.
    Jonathan Kirkland, D.O.; IR Fellowship
    John Dennis, D.O.; Neuro/Nuclear Fellowships
    Brooke White, D.O.; Breast Fellowship
    Peter Mostert, D.O.; MSK Fellowship
  • Requirements of Core Faculty Enter description here.
    All physician faculty must:
    • devote sufficient time to the educational program to fulfill their supervisory and teaching responsibilities and demonstrate a strong interest in resident education;
    • administer and maintain an educational environment conducive to educating residents in each of the ACGME competency areas;
    • participate in faculty development programs designed to enhance the effectiveness of their teaching and to promote scholarly activity;
    • establish and maintain an environment of inquiry and scholarship with an active research component;
    • regularly participate in organized clinical discussions, rounds, journal clubs, and conferences;
    • encourage and support residents in pursuing scholarly activities

    A portion of the faculty must be indicated as core physician faculty. All physicians who devote at least 15 hours per week to resident education and administration are designated as core faculty. All core physician faculty should teach and advise residents as well as participate in at least 1 of the following:

    • evaluate the competency domains;
    • work closely with and support the program director; and
    • assist in developing and implementing evaluation systems.

    Program directors will not be designated as core faculty.
  • Past and Present Program Directors Enter description here.
    Jeremy Fullingim, DO
    George Erbacher, DO
    Gene Pascual, DO
    John Dennis, DO
  • Additional Radiologists with DIA Contributing to Residency Education
    Damon Brooks, D.O.; Body Fellowship
    Sheila Taber, D.O.
    Stephen Back, D.O.
    Gene Pascual, D.O.; IR Fellowship
    Stan Handel, D.O.
    Patrick O’Hayre, D.O.
    Danielle See, D.O.
    Nick Bull, D.O.
    Ralph Noah, M.D.
    Judith Wolfstein, M.D.; Neuro Fellowship
    Kelly Cole, M.D.
    Troy Gonzalez, M.D.; Body Fellowship
    Michelle Ponder, M.D.
    Bo Yon Choi, D.O.; Body Fellowship
    Tanakorn Songrug, D.O.; IR Fellowship
    Randy Niblett, M.D.; Neuro Fellowship
    Donald von Borstel, D.O.; MSK Fellowship
    Marcus Brown, M.D.; Body Fellowship
    James Pham, D.O.
    Erich Muckala, D.O.
    Jeff Shelton, M.D.; Nuclear Fellowship
    Carole Dentino, M.D.; Pediatric Fellowship

  • Subspeciality Sections for DIA
    John Dennis, D.O.

    John Walton, D.O.

    George Erbacher, D.O.

    Chris Vassiliou, D.O.

    Brooke White, D.O.

    Tim McCay, D.O.

    Jeremy Fullingim, D.O.

    Hooby Yoon, D.O.

    Nuclear Medicine:
    Dean Fullingim, D.O.

    Subspecialty Chiefs [PR II.B.2.b) – II.B.2.d).(1)]

    *Qualifications: Need at least 1 in order to be eligible
    1. Current subspecialty certification (CAQ)
    2. Fellowship training
    3. Three years of subspecialty practice
    4. Membership in a subspecialty society
    5. Publications and presentations in the subspecialty
    6. Annual CME credits in the subspecialty
    7. Participation in MOC with emphasis on the subspecialty area